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Dark hearted, crafty ghouls

talented and spooky!

Swapping gothic crafty things
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Calling all crafty goths!!!

Love to making spooky little trinkets, but have too many? Want more? Then this is your community!


[+] If you are planning to spam or deadbeat, don't waste your time joining. [x]

[+]Auction listings are ok, but only once a week MAX! and it has to be a crafty item up for sale[+]

[+]No drama, catfights, flaming, bashing, etc. save that for springer.[+]

[+] you can sell, trade, buy just about anything. [+]

And with all that out of the way, please feel free to start posting. Intro's are a good thing in this community (unlike other snob communities, we actually want to get to know you).
Don't know what to say? Here are some ideas:
favorite crafts

What do you consider "gothic" (as far as crafts go?)
Things of a darker nature. Perhaps spooky halloween oriented items-clothing-accesories, candles, pagan/wiccan/new age items, corsets, skirts, candles, blah blah blah. Look at the interests if you need some ideas.

need help? want to know who runs this damn community?
email me at hauntedshores@gmail.com if you have a comment or complaint.

note: i can and WILL ban members or delete posts for any reason i see fit. I'm pretty much easy going, but if you start flaming someone, spam the community, harass, or otherwise get on my bad side, YOU will be BANNED and reported to the livejournal TOS team.
(this is not meant to intimidate you in anyway. I just want to keep a safe & orderly community)